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Front Matter
Foreword / Prologue

The Foreword and Prologue pages come immediately after the Table of Contents and are listed with roman numerals (iv, xi) instead of arabic numerals (4, 11). These pages precede the first chapter of the book.


A Foreword is a piece of writing near the beginning of a book that tells a story about the book’s creation. A Preface and a Foreword are practically the same; however, unlike a Preface, a Foreword is written by someone other than the author of the book.

A Foreword should be a minimum of half of a page in length. There is no maximum length set by standards, but your text should not exceed the length of your longest chapter. Like an Acknowledgements page, your foreword text should appear in the same size and format as the main text of the book.


A Prologue sets up the opening to your book and introduces the main story. A Prologue, for all intents and purposes, is “Chapter 0” and should be set up in the same manner as core matter pages.


An Epigraph is a short quote or poem that is loosely tied to the book. It is often a pairing of a single line and a reference, as you can see in this example:

In the desert there is no sign that says, Thou shalt not eat stones. — Sufi proverb
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