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Promotional Ideas


In order to make your book available online, it is recommended that an author should have a website from which to sell their book. The website should be simple to navigate and clearly display PayPal’s buy now button for easy online ordering. The website we offer to every author allows authors to sell their book online while keeping 100% of the profits from the sale of their book. Our author websites allow each author to announce events, list book reviews, and make changes to their site on their own, anytime they like. As well, the websites do not display our company name, so they can be used as the order page of an existing site.

If planning to use an online retailer such as Amazon, it is important to understand that you will have to promote your book to let people know your book is available. Amazon tends to work more effectively when an author has a platform from which to sell their books. For information on building a platform, see the information under social media.

Press Release

A press release can also be an effective way of promoting your book. A press release is an announcement of your book to the media. When sending out a press release, it is important to follow-up within 7 to 10 days (otherwise they may forget you). When following-up, it is a good idea to tell them you have additional information which was not part of the original release. This could be an event such as a book signing. Offering a complimentary copy of your book will usually spark a conversation with positive results.


Sending a postcard announcement to individuals or organizations announcing the release of your book is an excellent way to promote your book. A postcard will commonly feature the front cover of your book along with your website and endorsements of your book if available.

Local Media

Local media such as radio and community newspapers can be an effective way of getting the word out (often at no charge). Local newspapers will usually print an article introducing a new author and feature a photograph of the author with their book. The article should also mention where the book is available for sale, and if possible, include the website address for online purchases. Radio is often used to promote an event such as a book signing rather than the book itself. Radio interviews are often short and informal and provide a synopsis of the book as well as the time and date of the upcoming event.

Social Media

The most successful authors are those who spend the necessary time and effort on building their platform from which to effectively sell their books. A platform is a proven reach, or connection to a specific target market. An effective platform grows out of your ability to create great work first, and then to reach out to others to make your work known. The most common way of building a platform is through the use of social media.

It is highly recommended that each author create and maintain a blog. A blog is an informational site which is narrowly focussed on a single topic which you have experience with. It consists of articles, (or blog posts) which can vary from a few sentences, to several hundred words. Articles you write for your blog may at first only be seen by a handful of people, but your readership will grow over time with patience and effort. Many bloggers also use Facebook and Twitter to help build their platform.

Remember, a large part of what will keep people coming back to your blog is excellent quality content. It is important to regularly add content to your blog as well. Many bloggers update their site with fresh content on a daily basis.

It is wise to reach out to other bloggers to make a connection. Once you have established a connection with other bloggers, you will likely have the opportunity to be a guest blogger on someone elses site. This type of partnering with fellow bloggers will make yourself known to a wider audience. Attending (or possibly speaking at various events) will also work to build your network of contacts.

The point of the blog is to create an awareness of your work then work to establish your credibility and make yourself the authority on a particular topic. With your platform in place, you will have access to promote your book to all the readers who regularly follow your blog. The success of your blog will largely depend on your unique strengths and the message you convey. Building a platform from which you can sell your book is a long process which will likely be worth it.

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