Grace Notes
by Kathleen Francis
About the Book
Can you imagine a world without music? Grace Notes explores the gift that music is to us. It has powerful potential to influence the way we think and live and feel. It can connect us with God and one another. In addition to sharing her own thoughts on this subject, Kathleen has interviewed worship leaders, songwriters and musicians across Canada to hear their stories and vision for the role music can play in our lives.
Musicians & songwriters interviewed include: Steve Bell, Jon Buller, Deanna Campbell, Brian Doerksen, Charl Eksteen, Andre Favreau, Lisa Francis, Marilyn Houser Hamm, Owen Lee, Christine Longhurst, Stephanie Mainville, Alex Stephen, Kristen Westwood.
This book contains study questions and would be a useful tool in taking a fresh look at your church's worship life.

Books are now available in Abbotsford, BC at House of James bookstore, CommonWord Bookstore in Winnipeg, Miracles Christian Store in Halifax and Burns-Hanley in Regina.
About the Author
Kathleen Francis has recently turned to writing after many years in pastoral ministry. Her desire continues to be to connect people with one another and with God.
In addition to this book, she is involved in an ongoing series, ​Conversations With Monuments​, in which she tells the stories of statues in various Canadian cities. Thus far, her explorations cover Winnipeg, Halifax and Ottawa and Victoria. Kathleen currently resides in Winnipeg. Check out her blog @ or website: