Alexs Perfect Fish
by Keith Lyon

About the Book
Alex has been dreaming of his big day with Grandpa and it has finally arrived. Will he be able to catch the fish of his dreams? Come ride the waves with Alex and Grandpa to see if dreams do come true.

About the Author
Keith lives in Fredericton, New Brunswick and this is his second book. He wrote this book while in recovery from a mental illness. Keith continues to bring awareness to mental health through his speaking engagements. He also speaks to others with a mental illness to bring them hope and encouragement. If you wish to have Keith speak to your group or contact him directly to order a book you can call him at 506-260-9097 or email at keithrichardlyon@gmail.com. Keith also won a National Award from Schizophrenia Society of Canada. The Recovery of Hope Award for 2015.

About the Illustrator
Amy Bourne lives in Fredericton and this is her second book with Keith. She met Keith while in hospital dealing with her own mental illness. Amy is a student at the NB College of Craft and Design and will receive her certificate in Surface and Textile Design this year.