Max's Treasure
by Michelle Persyko

About the Book
Adventures are fun. So many new discoveries - and friends - to be made! But as young Max learns, not everyone is friendly all the time. Will Max let the unkind words of others weigh on him forever? Or can he find the power of his own voice? Find out when you read Max's Treasure, by clinical psychologist and mom, Dr. Michelle Persyko.

"A warm and playful story teaching children an essential lesson in communication." Lesley Lacny, M.A., C.Psych., Child Psychologist

"Your story and pictures are captivating and kept my attention and curiosity!" Beth Joshua, ECE teacher

"Michelle Persyko has written a beautiful children's book with universal lessons: Max's Treasure teaches readers to turn negatives into positives, encourages them to never give up, and inspires them to be kind. The simple, yet creative illustrations bring the story to life and allow young readers to better engage with the text. Repetition, opportunities to predict outcomes, and prompts for further discussion make this a story that will resonate on many levels. Children will want to read it again and again!"
Rochelle Chester, School Librarian

About the Author
Dr. Michelle Persyko is a clinical psychologist in private practice. She lives in Toronto with her husband and three wonderful children who inspired her to write this story.

About the Illustrator
Shawna Smoke is an artist and illustrator with an Ojibwa/El Salvadorian background. She lives in Mississauga with her husband and two children.

About The Photographer
Jessica Newman is a Toronto photographer and student. Her mom is the author of Maxs Treasure.

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