The Curious Tuna
by Anne E. Broyer

About the Book
This is a story about a Curious little tuna fish and his adventures one day to see who he can meet and what he can learn by asking questions. Follow the curious tuna through the course of his travels that day where he meets various sea creatures and learns all about how they live in their under water world, before he returns home to his very curious mother.

About the Author
Anne E. Broyer has always had a love of the sea. She lives on Cape Cod with her husband just steps away from the ocean. As an artist she loves to draw and paint pictures of the ocean. She wanted to write a book for her grandchildren to teach them about the wonderful world under water, and with their help came up with a story of the tuna, and having a husband that asks questions all the time gave her the idea of having the tuna be curious.

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