Cognizant Introspection
by Gina Capobianco

About the Book
"Cognizant Introspection" is a collection of poems written as a means of expressing the emotions and thoughts that can overrun the mind when dealing with a lifetime of depression and anxiety. It traces the journey from the darkness of the disorders into the emerging light of healing.

Themes of loneliness, darkness, pain, and emptiness are explored in the first part of the book. Is there a light at the end of the darkness? The second part of the book attempts to answer that question. Poetry is the vehicle for the mind to explore and understand the personal journey from darkness in light in this collection of poems.
About the Author
Gina Capobianco lives and works in Southern California. Her work provides her with the opportunity to appreciate how the themes in her poetry reflect the changes in people's lives.

About the Illustrator
The painting featured on the cover was designed and painted by Shannon Feldmann.