Finding Thurston
by Jacob Schwartz and Alexis Sedacca

About the Book
Finding Thurston is a heartwarming and inspirational true story about a boy finding his lost dog, with the help of his best friend, against all odds. The story illustrates the kindness of strangers, the resilience of family and friends, the determination to never give up and to believe that miracles can happen.

Moonbeam Children's Book Award Winner - Bronze

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About the Author
Jacob Schwartz and Alexis Sedacca met when they began kindergarten in 2004. They immediately formed a special friendship. Now, twelve years later, that initial bond continues to remain strong. Together, they have experienced many of life's important moments, always focusing on supporting each other. One of their common interests, the love of dogs, has provided them an opportunity to spend Sundays together, volunteering at the Westside German Shepherd Rescue in Los Angeles. Searching for Thurston gave them a deep understanding of how positive thinking, perseverance, and humanity work together. Shortly, after Thurston was found in May of 2015, the authors felt compelled to share their story.

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About the Illustrator
Cindy Bernhard is an artist working in Chicago, Illinois. She has a Master of Fine Arts in Painting from Laguna College of Art and Design. Cindy exhibits her work both locally and internationally and serves as an instructor at numerous institutions.