Our Hope Adventure
by Melanie Penner

About the Book
These are the writings of a woman who was handed an adventure she never anticipated, a path that she never asked for. Through her journal-like documentation, written as events were unfolding, Melanie Penner bares her soul and allows us to watch as she struggles with the life God gave her, but ultimately surrenders it back to Him. We get to witness her amazing transformation, finding peace, grace and joy despite disappointment after painful disappointment. This is a transformation that changed and inspired everyone around her. It continues to impact her friends and family, and we hope it inspires you, too.

About the Author
Melanie Penner was a wife, mother, teacher and writer. She had two daughters with her husband, Darryl. For two years she blogged about her family’s unexpected life journey. Her unflinching honesty gives us a glimpse of what it’s like to continually resurrender to God’s plan while maintaining hope and perseverance.