Tales from Autumn to May
by Will Noble

About the Book
Tales from Autumn to May is an exploration in imagination. For years the artist Will Noble wanted to create a visual rendition of the lyrics of Peter, Paul and Mary’s rollicking and imagery-rich folk song ‘Autumn to May’.

This is a children’s book, in that a beginning reader can read it, but it is appropriate for all ages as a reminder of the wonders we have within us to enliven even the dullest moment by taking a wild romp into the world of imagination.

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32 page full-color hardback book with dust jacket, limited edition, individually-numbered collector's edition

$18.50 plus CA sales tax and shipping if applicable

ISBN 978-0-9638088-0-6

About the Author
The book is based on the lyrics of the Peter, Paul and Mary song 'Autumn to May'.

About the Illustrator
Will Noble is a landscape painter and retired character animator of feature film and video games.
He lives in Northern California with his wife Stephanie. They have four children and five grandchildren, two shown here.

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