Hope In Suffering
by Evelyn Bray

About the Book
Hardship is not a stranger to anyone. Whether it is the loss of a child, job or home, abuse, addiction or abandonment, depression, divorce or death, sin, sickness or sorrow, suffering is common and hard to deal with. Follow the author’s journey to healing after the deep sorrow of losing twin babies as she struggled to accept God’s goodness, but gained a stronger faith through the process. Let this powerful devotional help lead you to the Healer of the world.

This devotional offers 101 devotions based on scripture (verses included) as well as an appendix about faith. Visit this webpage to read an excerpt: http://evelynbray-lighthill.blogspot.com/2017/06/devotions-new-creature.html

About the Author
Evelyn Bray is a stay at home mom who lives in the mountains of Idaho with her young family where she enjoys sewing, hunting, and serving/teaching at her local church.