Living and Dying Gracefully
by Carole Stepper, R.N.

About the Book
When end of life is approaching, it makes all the difference to already have thought through the hard questions of living and dying and to feel at peace with the next steps. Hospice provides the way through the valley and the Hospice team guides and cares each step of the way.

Carole Stepper, R.N. makes a heartfelt appeal to call upon the wisdom and gentle approach of Hospice at the proper time for anyone who is no longer able to receive treatment for their terminal illness. Carole writes persuasively through experience and respect for life showing why physician assisted suicide is a poor choice for people with terminal illness. She explains and encourages people to choose dying with dignity through the care and guidance of hospice.

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About the Author
Carole has been a Registered Nurse for over 40 years and a Hospice - Palliative nurse for 17 years. During her time in Hospice, she faced many difficult diagnoses and problems that people faced during their last days. She felt led to write this book of some of her experiences as well as share her thoughts regarding the decision to takes ones life early or prolong one's life or a loved ones life through force feeding. She advocates for Hospice, the natural loving gentle way for anyone facing a terminal diagnosis, to end their time on earth relieving their physical and emotional pain with love and gentleness.

Carole is available to give Employee In-service Presentations and Seminars on the book or other End of Life issues.

contact carolestepper@gmail.com