Maven & the Magic Buttons
by Mimi Stevens

About the Book
Cleverly woven to engage curious minds, this nourishing story beautifully illustrates emotional intelligence, while empowering children to manage and transform their own emotions, behavior and performance.

When Maven gets up on the wrong side of the bed with too little sleep and fear of a math test, it all adds up and multiplies into a very unhappy morning. At school, however, Glenda-the-Good-Nurse teaches Maven how to make her tears, fears, pain and test-anxiety disappear, using her own nearly-magical powers. After a few minutes of tapping into happy, Maven is excited about her "Magic Buttons"... and her new-found ability to turn a painful morning into a sparkling day!

"Beautiful illustrations and an uplifting message make this a book that will help many children to cope with the many stressors they commonly encounter." ~ Elizabeth Vitale, Psychologist

The Magic Buttons represent 2 amazing self-help skills kids can easily learn... "Belly Button Breathing" and "Emotional Freedom Technique" (aka EFT/Tapping). Empirical and anecdotal evidence shows that these are effective at reducing...

~ Emotional distress
~ Performance anxiety
~ Negative behaviors
~ Attention challenges
~ Physical discomfort
~ Phobias and obsessions

"The power of Tapping has been researched for decades with amazing results. This simple, confidence-building option for developing early emotional intelligence is a gift that all our children deserve. This book is a delight!"
~ Dorothy A. Martin-Neville, Ph.D., Speaker | Coach | Consultant

Leading physicians, biologists and psychologists now understand that these techniques work by calming the fear centers of the brain and central nervous system. When used regularly, measurable results may include improved...

~ Focus and concentration
~ Attention span
~ Test scores
~ Sports performance
~ Immune system
~ Absenteeism (for kids and parents!)
~ Ability to calm down

"I like this book because Tapping helps kids breathe and calm down when they are upset." ~ Koryn Johnson, Grade 4

By giving kids a way to control and/or process their internal reactions to uncontrollable external circumstances, this book truly builds self-confidence and self-esteem.

"If every child learns and uses the "magic" skills taught in these pages, the next generations will be equipped to create health and happiness in a safer, more peaceful world." ~ Robin Clare, Author

Want to inoculate your own children, grandchildren, or students, from the harmful effects of bullying, disabilities, parental discord, neglect, abuse, and traumatic experiences beyond their control?

If you answered "YES", this book is the most important gift you can buy for Christmas or Hanukkah!

"Tapping your way to health is a great gift to children of all ages." ~ Norm Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.

With this book, your emotional support, and the “Magic Buttons” Mobile App (coming in early 2017), your little ones can grow up fully equipped with the self-confidence to achieve their dreams and live happy, healthy lives!

Is there anything more important than that?

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About the Author
Mimi Stevens is the pen name adopted by Lois Grasso, so that children could easily say and remember her name. Her first grandchild, Isabella, named her “Mimi”, because she was unable to say "Grammy" as a toddler. After 3 years volunteering in Isabella's classroom, the name "Mimi" stuck like glue!

After 25 years facilitating, teaching, coaching and publishing on self-empowerment topics, Mimi became Director of Youth Ministry at Unity of Greater Hartford. This book was inspired by a 5-year old boy, who was too anxious and shy to enter the classroom. Mimi introduced him to his Magic Buttons in the hallway, and after just 3 minutes of Tapping, he walked in smiling. He later spoke in front of the entire congregation using a microphone. His mother was amazed. Later that day, Mimi wrote the first draft in 2 hours.

Founder of the non-profit OxyGenesis Institute, in 2003, Lois also maintains a private practice as a holistic health coach in the south end of East Hartford, CT. "Mimi" is available for public readings of the book in Connecticut, as well as 1- to 3-week-long "Whole School Empowerment" programs in any State whose leaders wish to fully harness the power of the "Magic Buttons". 

About the Illustrator
Lee Lanier is an illustrator, painter, muralist, film festival manager, as well as a professional animator. Also the author of nine (9) books on 3D animation and VFX, Lee is based in Boulder City, Nevada. You can see more of his work at