The Blackbird’s Boast
by Wray McCalester

About the Book
Wray McCalester's way of weaving words into poems is something special. These little treasures carry with them a traditional comfort, and at the same time, a fresh new perspective, especially his haikus. From my own life's work in graphic illustration, music and public radio, I see the ancient need for storytelling grow ever more important as we journey through this fast-paced 21st century. McCalester and his medium add a vibrant and timeless texture to that fine art.

Julia Meek, freelance artist, Arts and Culture reporter for 89.1 WBOI in Ft. Wayne, IN, and producer/host of WBOI's Folktales and WBOI's Meet the Music
About the Author
After 30 years as an auto worker and contract negotiator, seventeen years as a lay pastor, thirty-five years as a senior chess tournament director and occasional player, as well as co-founder of a free health clinic now in its tenth year, Wray C. McCalester has put together a collection of verse and a one-act play from his fifty years of writing. His writing is diverse, mirroring his life, and provides the reader with an experience which ranges from the silly to serious with many a stop in between. Wray, now 68, lives with his dog, a boxer named Duke, on a small lake in Indiana where he is enjoying his retirement.