Worry, Keep Out!
by Carmen McLean

About the Book
Worry, Keep Out! is a book that describes how God wants to kick worry and fear out of our lives. It’s time that we stop allowing this thief to rob us of the great peace and joy we have been given in Jesus Christ. Carmen McLean describes the worry that plagued her after her husband had a sudden heart attack and how God led her on a journey to be free from this overwhelming enemy. Using God’s Word, this book discusses how to practically walk in peace every day.

Maybe you are struggling with the worries that come from everyday life, like the overwhelming responsibilities of being a mom, the pressures involved with a demanding job, or the stress that comes from living day-to-day. Or maybe you are wrestling with serious fears that come from overpowering problems, like broken marriages, life-threatening diseases, or a rebellious child. Then let God set up a guard of His peace around your heart and mind and tell worry to keep out!

About the Author
Carmen McLean, an author and speaker, uses God’s Word, along with her personal experiences to equip and encourage people from all walks of life. She grew up in a pastor’s home, but drugs and addiction tore her family apart. However, God has brought amazing restoration to her life, and now she brings that message to others who are hurting.

God has blessed Carmen with a wonderful husband, Chris, and two incredible boys, Nathan and Nicholas. The boys have recently gotten married and brought two beautiful women of God into the family, so now there are finally more girls around!

Carmen has written for two magazines, written multiple books, and led several women’s retreats, and she loves connecting with other women. Her passion is to know God, up close and personally, and to help others know Him in a deeply unique way.