Oh No It's Friday
by Keith Lyon

About the Book
Friday's are no ordinary day at the Lyon house. Come and see what mischief Paul can get into with over active imagination.

About the Author
Keith lives in Fredericton New Brunswick and this is his third children's book. Keith is very involved with advocating for mental health awareness. He is in recovery from his own illness for over 5 years. Keith loves children and volunteers at his church and Tay Valley Bible Camp. Writing is a way for him to stay focused and to show that even if you have a mental illness you can still do great things.

If you wish to contact Keith to have him come and speak about his journey with his mental health he can be reached at keithrichardlyon@gmail.com.

About the Illustrator
Amy live in Fredericton and this is her third book with Keith. She deals with her own mental health struggles but creating has helped her to over come.