Mommy Wake up
by Akea Pearson

About the Book
Maya is an 8 year old girl who has witnessed her mother being abused by her step father. Many times adults believe children are unaware of the abuse that has taken place within a household, but often times children are too afraid to speak up. This book explores the thoughts and feelings that Maya has developed as she witnesses the abuse endured by her mother at the hands of her step father.

About the Author
Akea Pearson is the founder and operator of Akea’s Heart Inc.A nonprofit organization servicing adjudicated youth, young adults, and teenage parents. she graduated with her Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services in 2012. Akea has had a passion for working with teens and young adults for as long as she can remember. She is currently enrolled in Rosemont College pursing her Counseling Therapy degree while also working as a domestic violence counselor. “I love to help people realize that what they are going through is not their fault, and that there are resources available to help them” Akea lost her biological mother at a very young age due to domestic violence and experienced some very strong emotions around it that she hadn't expressed until she became an adult.