Tamara Goes To School “Building Self-Esteem”
by Shanon C. Skipworth and Micah B. Maxton

About the Book
Tamara Goes To School "Building Self-Esteem" is the first of a series of books that bring awareness about issues such as Self-Esteem, Body Image, Bullying, Peer Pressure, and other issues youth are faced with in schools, homes, and around the world.

In this issue, Tamara helps Nicole find a positive way to deal with being teased by two of her peers. Tamara brings awareness about how teasing someone can cause people to dislike themselves or have low self-esteem. Tamara helps the girls learn how to treat people with kindness and respect. In the end, Tamara brings all of the girls closer together and they become best friends.

About the Author
Shanon Skipworth and Micah Maxton are mother and daughter who teamed up to start Skipworth and Maxton publishing. The Authors goal is to help bring awareness about low self-esteem, dealing with body image, and other issues that youth are faced with on a daily basis.